The ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates says “know thyself“. What does he really mean?

We live in a fast-paced world. Everything moves so rapidly. There are tons of things to do, deadlines to be met, meetings to get to… In such rush, how often do you stay by yourself and listen to your inner voice? How often do you try to get to know yourself? How often do you ask yourself “what do I expect from life“?

Probably not very often.

In the midst of everyday hustle and bustle, you forget to follow your passions and dreams, perhaps before even finding out what they are. You’ve been busy with school, then work, now you may even have a family to take care of. You never had that time to stay alone and get to know yourself. What are you good at? What would you prefer doing instead of going to work everyday? When do you get angry? What are the things you enjoy the most in life? What makes you sad? What makes you forget that the world is spinning? If you don’t know the answers, it is time to get to know yourself. Let me introduce you: it’s you !

Let’s give an end to this and find out the answers. Let’s get you on your journey of discovering who you really are, what you love and hate doing, what dreams you want to come true… The path to happiness and success goes through knowing yourself and it is a process that takes time.


#1 Observe yourself

The key to knowing yourself is self-observation. Observe yourself. Try to understand what makes you the happiest and saddest. Be aware of your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses. It’s all about looking at yourself from outside. Assume you get very upset because somebody told you something. Search inside, what is it in the core that made you sad? Is it because you are a very sensitive person? Or is it because that somebody mean a lot to you? Or was it only a fragile moment? Try to understand the root causes of your emotions.

#2 Accept the way you are

It is often difficult to acknowledge your weaker sides. Everybody tries to mask their less appreciated characteristics. But, accepting yourself fully as the way you are is an integral part of the process. You may be hot-tempered, selfish or too sensitive. IT’S OKAY! Everybody has their more appreciated and less appreciated sides. If you reject your weaker sides, you will never get the chance to improve yourself. For instance, I am a very impatient person, and not very flexible. But it used to be even worse. Now, I know my weaker sides, and I work on improving myself.  I try to adopt unexpected situations more, and try to calm myself down when things take too long. The golden rule is: ACCEPT YOURSELF TO GROW YOURSELF!

#3 Make it better

You observed yourself, accepted the way you are as it is. Now, it is time to act! There are two things you can do:

  • GROW: Work on your weaker sides to have a more balanced personality. Everybody can change! You just need to want it. If you already acknowledged that you are too sensitive, try to care less about what others say. When you manage to improve these characteristics, life will be much easier.
  • DO THE THINGS YOU ACTUALLY ENJOY: Now that you got to know yourself better and discovered what makes you happy the most, do them more often! Life is too short, and you gotta fill it with more joy. Why not do those things that bring you joy more frequently? I’ve always loved listening to music and singing. So whatever I do, even it’s cleaning or showering, I take my music with me to turn those daily routines into fun ceremonies.


Once you discover your own self, it will be a lot easier to find out what you want from life. From my own experience, when I started doing things I really enjoy and investing my money, time and energy more on the things that make me happy, the overall picture appeared much more clearly.

If I summarise my two main takeaways on my journey of finding what I want from life:

1.Never hesitate to take action! Always try as many things possible as much as possible. Try and see until you find those things that make you forget where you are. Take classes, go to courses, meet people, do internships, search on internet, watch youtube tutorials… Stay active until you find what you love doing and do not stop until you master your skills at it.

2.Take your time! Do not rush into finishing college or getting a job if you don’t have the necessity. It is crucial to take some time to figure out your needs and wants. In the meantime, focus on the things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. Even if you are working, it doesn’t matter. You can seize your evenings and weekends to do what you want to try. We are programmed to do one thing after another. But I assure you, you won’t regret taking some time to figure out what you want from life.



  1. Yigit says:

    When you go independent, if you fail, you’re totally responsible for it.If you succeed, you’re totally responsible for it.You are responsibly for who you are..And what you do and what you make.


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