Feeling down? We’ve all been there!

Every now and then, all of us feel the blues. It is absolutely normal to feel down every once a while. No one can be cheerful all the time.

At those times, the whole universe seems to be against you. Everything seems more difficult to achieve. You feel lonely in the whole planet.  Sorrow takes over your soul.

But, wait! Don’t panic! All of us go through some hardships and more difficult phases in our lives. Don’t give up. All you need to know is that this is phase that will pass and everything is going to be all right again. Besides, there are always some things you can do to cheer yourself up in every situation. Let’s see what you can do to feel better:


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#1 Look pretty to yourself

Believe me, this works soo well and not only for women.

Now get out of that bed ! Take a shower. Put one of your favorite cloths on. Make your hair. Put your make up on. Look at the mirror. Do you prefer yourself with messy hair, pale face and in pyjamas or with your hair fixed up, your make up on and in one of your best outfit?

How you look to yourself directly affects how you feel about yourself. If you look beautiful to yourself, you feel beautiful inside and consequently you feel much much better.

#2 Get tidy

Now that you already fixed yourself up, it’s time to tidy your surroundings up. Tidy environment leads to tidy mind. When you clean your room, you gain peace and tranquility from outside. But when it’s chaotic and messy outside, it gives you similar feelings inside.

#3 Prepare yourself a delicious meal

Take care of your body, it will take care of your soul. You need to feed yourself properly! It’s enough of eating crap. You look beautiful, your home is tidy, now prepare yourself a delicious meal. Eating healthy will make you feel more refreshed. It doesn’t have to be a difficult meal that take hours to prepare. Just do something that is fast, easy and healthy.

#4 Go outside

Change your environment and get some fresh air. When you stay in the same place for too long, you feel restricted and bored, especially when you are indoors. So even it’s for going to a grocery store, having a short walk or stopping by a close friend, make sure you go outside for some time. Moving around, getting fresh air, seeing different things around you, talking to people… You will immediately feel better.

#5 Call or meet your bestie

This is probably the most important one among all the tips. Be with the people who give you joy and bring you the positive vibes. Be with those that make you laugh. When we feel down, most of the time we also feel very lonely. Meeting with your best friends, siblings or parents can affect your mood in a very positive way. It will make you forget your problems. It will make you have fun. Even if they are not available to meet up physically, call them. Even hearing their voice will help you a lot.

#6 Indulge yourself 

Everybody has an indulgence. What is yours? Eating chocolate, watching Friends, finishing a whole cake by yourself, wine night, having a latte at that coffee house? Do it now! What are you waiting for? This is the right time to treat yourself a little to make yourself feel better. So now, indulge yourself!

#7 Be grateful

Remember all the beautiful things you have in this life: your family, your friends, your partner, your job or anything you feel thankful for. Remind yourself all the things you achieved in life, your biggest accomplishments. Do this until you realise that you have more things to be grateful than to feel sad and depressed.

#8 Write down how you feel

Writing has always helped me see how I feel and why I feel that way. It also helps to pour out my soul. You might not necessarily want to talk about how you feel with someone. So write it down. Let it come out!

Most of the time, when you keep your emotions inside and don’t reflect them outside, they cause you pain, disturbance or stress. Especially men tend not to share their emotions with others. In this case, writing is the perfect option for you. Nobody needs to know how you feel, but you will still be relieved. Never underestimate the power of writing!

So here are the 8 tips you can do when you feel down. Remember the first thing you should do is to go out of that bed and start doing things that will make you feel better. If you stay on the couch all day and do nothing, you will never feel better. Give yourself a chance and try out couple of things listed above. You’ll see that you will start feeling much better in the end.


  1. Jacqui says:

    I spent a year and half indoors and worrying a lot. After reading this piece I’m gonna start of by making myself look beautiful and rest will follow.


    • lifeisjoy says:

      Hi Jacqui, I am glad you are inspired to make a fresh start! Indeed staying indoors affect our mood in a very negative way. Don’t forget to get fresh air as much as possible. I hope everything will go better in your life !


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