Every society has a set of believes about how men and women should behave, dress, and talk based on their sex.

Men should be strong. Women should be fragile.

Men should be macho. Women should be polite.

Boys like blue. Girls like pink.

Hear them everyday? It’s time to change!

Feminism is the movement that advocates equal social, economic and political rights for all sexes. It’s important to clear out that neither does feminism favour one gender over another, nor it claims the “sameness” of them. It is all about having equal rights and opportunities for all genders.

Note that feminism does not disregard the inherent differences that man and woman possess. Obviously man and woman are physically and emotionally different from each other. Yet, this should not empower any gender to claim more power over another.

I’ve been observing some scepticism about feminism from some of the people around me. I believe this scepticism derives from lack of knowledge. Although we hear about feminism quite often, not many people really seem to know what the word entails. It is very simple: If you think men, women and transgenders should be treated equally in economic, social and political spheres, then you are in line with what feminism suggests.

Being a feminist is the first step on the journey of freeing oneself from society’s gender roles. I am sick of hearing “you are a girl, you should be this and that…”. If someone  starts a sentence with “you are a men/women, you should …”, it will 90% be a sexist comment. We need to stop thinking of people in regards to their gender.

Gender roles dictate us the person that society expects us to be. From the early ages, our family, our community and the media channels of brainwashed patriarchal societies tell us how we should behave according to our gender. Be a woman, stay in the kitchen. Be a man, carry the burden of the family.


My point here is that there is no need to be scared of feminism. Regardless of your sex, feminism defends equality for all. Very often, feminism is regarded as positive discrimination against women, or it is narrowed down to women activists protesting half naked in public. Not necessarily ! Being a feminist is not judging anybody because of who they are do not correspond to how they are expected to be in regards to their gender. It is more than okay for men to be physically weak, emotional, or good at housework ! Feminism is on your side! Feminism is not a women dominated philosophy !

Every one of us has big responsibilities breaking gender stereotypes and demanding equal treatment for all sexes. The most difficult thing to do is to change the way people think. But step by step, it is possible to raise awareness on gender equality. First, let’s start by avoiding to criticise each other for not meeting societies’ social norms. Then let’s all embrace what feminism suggests for all: EQUAL RIGHTS & OPPORTUNITIES for men, women and transgenders!



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