Have you ever felt lost in the sea of complexities? Do you often find yourself question why you exist in this universe? Have you ever felt frustrated because everything seemed so meaningless?

You are not alone. All of us, at least once in our lives go through existential crisis.

Why do I exist? What is my purpose in life?

I had the same exact questions in my mind driving me crazy. After a while, I realised that I had to acknowledge one reality: there is no right answer to these questions and no one will ever be able to give satisfactory answers to them. Then I figured, since there is no universal reason to why we exist, we choose and give a meaning to our own lives.

Once I read a book called Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl where he quoted Nietzsche’s famous saying, “he who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how“. I couldn’t agree more. A purpose is what gets us going. And we ourselves are responsible to find that purpose.

Most of us struggle to find the meaning to our lives. How do I find the purpose of my life? What should I do? Well, first and foremost finding a life purpose can be challenging and it will take time. But there is no reason to stress out! Everybody’s journey is unique. The important thing is to work towards finding it. Your life purpose is linked to what you want to achieve in life; and what you want to achieve in life is very much linked to what is important to you and what makes you happy doing it. Below I listed some questions. Ask yourself these questions and be honest to yourself.

1- What makes you forget to eat and pee?
2-What gives you the most spiritual satisfaction?
3- What would you do everyday if you didn’t have any obligations?
4- Take a moment and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in 20 years. If you are 25 now, you will be 45. Think about the things that you would regret most if you never tried now.

These questions are to help you explore what makes you tick, what you will never regret dedicating your time and maybe your entire life to.  The answers will definitely lead you somewhere close to finding your purpose in life.


Your expectations from life can be love, fame, status, money, social impact, saving the world… Whatever it is, take action to reach it. Be active. Sometimes we hinder ourselves, because we don’t have the courage to take action or we simply don’t see ourselves competent. This cannot be more wrong. You lose nothing by trying. But you will never know what you lose by never trying. Regret is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

Start today! Try out something that you always had in mind but never had the guts to give it a shot. Remember, you will embarrass yourself. You will feel insecure. You will be out of your comfort zone. Even better! Challenge yourself. Push your limits. See beyond what you’d think you can do and be.


If you ever feel like you are lost, start by setting short term goals in your life. Instead of an ultimate purpose, some people just do better with short-term goals such as getting a dream job, moving abroad, learning a language, losing weight or getting promoted…  Whatever that is, let it be it. What matters most is that you find what will give your life a purpose and make you feel like your life carries a meaning.

Don’t forget: “life is not about the destination but the journey that takes us there.” Soon or later, you will find your life purpose; but what actually makes you happy is the journey whilst you try to reach that purpose. Finding the meaning of our lives is to fill the gap inside, that void feeling we have when we don’t know why we exist in this universe. Find a purpose that will give a meaning to your life, but always remember to enjoy the moments on the journey taking you there.


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