Are you sick of constantly being on a diet? You’ve been trying to lose weight but it somehow doesn’t work? You want to be more fit but don’t know where to start? You are at the right place. Keep reading… 🙂

We are living in an age that is far more difficult to keep fit. Hours spent sitting in front of a computer, unhealthy snacks, huge portions, fast food…

Most of us try to follow a certain diet for a certain period of time. This much of this for breakfast, this much of that for dinner type of diets… Let me tell you something: Almost all of these diets are nothing but a crap. Diets don’t work because they are not applicable to your life in the long-term. How many times did you start a diet on Monday and break in on Tuesday?

There will always be birthdays, holidays, celebrations and chocolate crisis in your life when it will be impossible to follow a diet. What you need is something that you can always apply in your life. That’s why I am writing this blog. There is a much better alternative to lose weight and keep fit: Change the way you eat and make it a part of your life style. Now let’s see how you can achieve this.


This is the most important rule of all: Do not cut off anything! By anything I mean anything. Limiting yourself not to eat what you crave for will put your body under stress. Stress is the worst thing for your body and your psychology; furthermore it makes you eat even more. There will be times when you crave chocolate, a juicy burger, a slice of browny or pizza. You may stop yourself once or twice, but soon or later you will reach a point where you cannot bear it anymore and let it all go.

The trick here is to eat everything but in smaller portions/quantities. You are craving for a chocolate cake, go for it! But instead of eating 2 slices, eat half a slice or maybe even less. This way you will satisfy your need of eating chocolate cake, avoid stress and at the same time you won’t take as many calories.

On the contrary, if you try to take the chocolate cake out of your life, your body will undergo a certain level of stress and in the end you’ll probably end up eating the whole cake.


Eating in smaller portions will allow you to eat whatever you want. Needless to say, it is still very important to nurture yourself with healthy food, veggies, fruits, healthy carbs…  But life is never black and white, so it’s totally normal to indulge yourself when you crave sweets or fast-food. One or two cookies a day, a burger a month, a little bit of cake will not ruin your life. Just make sure you reduce the size of your portions and avoid constant junk-food intake.

That being said, sometimes it is more difficult to reduce portions, especially if you eat mostly out. The portions are fixed in restaurants and there is little to do about it. What I do most of the time is that I share a dish or two with friends, so we don’t have to order a meal per se. If no one wants to share, I go for the lightest things on the menu such as salad, soup or omelette.


Life is full of parties, events, meetings and dinner outs. There will be times when you will be able to stay home and cook yourself a healthy dinner, and there will be other times when you will eat the whole week out with friends and colleagues. In those hectic times when you start eating unhealthy, make sure you balance it out. Never let it all go. The day after having a heavy dinner, start the day with a healthy breakfast, work out, eat a lot of veggies and healthy carbs. Everything in life is about balance. If you know when and how to compensate for the times you eat more and unhealthy, parties and dinner outs will no longer be a problem. Just make sure that you burn those extra calories you take, and don’t let those dinners/parties ruin your whole eating routine.


This is an absolute must. No one can be healthy and fit enough without doing sports. Your muscles have to work out ! In such rush, most of us struggle to find the time to hit the gym. But obviously gym is not the only option! You can do exercises at home, run in a park, take yoga/plates/martial arts classes… If you can’t do any of these, WALK! Walk as much as possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you stop moving, your body becomes bulky and every single day it gets more difficult to work out, run and exercise. SO move everyday, as much as you can!


Everybody has a different biological rhythm and a unique body. For this reason, you need to figure out what the needs of your own body are. What type of food makes you feel good and bad, what time you should eat, how much you should eat… The answers change from person to person. Listen to your body and try to find out the answers. Here is an example from me:

I am absolutely a breakfast person. I should eat properly for breakfast, eggs, avocados… Otherwise I feel weak during the day. I feel much more fresh eating raw food and cold dishes like salad, yogurt, fruits, cold appetisers… Red wine burns my stomach. I don’t feel well eating after 7. Red meat makes me feel heavy. I don’t like eating a lot of carbs that’s why I eat bread only for breakfast. I often crave for sweets and if I don’t eat them, I feel stressed. So I allow myself one-two cookies, or pieces of chocolate everyday.

Observe yourself and create your own way of eating habit that will make you feel well. Don’t forget that everybody has their own bio-rhythm. Find yours and adjust accordingly.


We all want to be healthy and fit. But the way to do so is through boring diets? I don’t really think so. Everybody has a unique body and lifestyle. One size fits all sort of diets can not be of much help. The solution is to change our eating habit and make it a part of our lifestyle. We should all be able to eat everything without cutting off any food as long as we eat in smaller portions, balance it out, move as much as possible and get to know our own body to set the right eating habit for ourselves.

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