Adidas sold 1 million shoes made out of plastic waste !

Adidas, as the Europe’s largest and the world’s second largest sports apparel manufacturer, is pioneering other brands in its fight against plastic pollution in the oceans. Adidas, with the slogan “spinning the problem into solution, the threat into thread”, transforms the plastics collected from the West African coast into threads and produces sports shoes, T-shirts, shorts and swimsuits.

What is even more surprising is that only in 2017, Adidas sold 1 million pairs of shoes manufactured from waste plastic! About 95% of these shoes, called the UltraBoost series, are made of plastic collected from the ocean shores. 11 waste plastic bottles are reused in the production of each pair of shoes.

Adidas is collaborating with the civil society organization Parley for the Oceans in its struggle against plastic. Targeting to utilize waste materials in the production of a wider range of products through eco-innovation, Adidas aims to minimize the amount of harmful materials used in its production process. Adidas also hopes to reach zero plastic usage in its supply chain.