Did you know that ducks could be used instead of pesticides?

Japanese farmers are rediscovering an old Japanese farming technique. With this method, rice and wheat can be grown without using any pesticides. Moreover, the products grown with this method are more productive and more resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

Wondering what this method is?


According to the ancient Japanese method, ducks are released into the cultivated area. These animals feed on insects, weeds and even seeds of weeds, but they do not touch the crops. Their movements in the water and mud increase the oxygen content while their feces act as natural fertilisers. Thus, while the cost of production is reduced, the yield is increased.

Pesticides do not only disrupt the natural balance of our world, but they also pose a serious threat to our health. Therefore, this agricultural method offers a win-win alternative to both producers and consumers with its wide range of advantages. The duck method is used in countries like South Korea, China, Thailand, Iran and France besides Japan. We hope that methods like this will help reduce the use of pesticides down to zero.



The Guardian