Did you know that your spring allergy can be treated with acupuncture?

For most of us, spring means beautiful weather, colorful flowers and longer days. But for others, it is a foreshadow of stuffy nose, itchy juvenile and flowing eyes. Those like me who have spring allergy will know; difficult days are ahead for us after March.

Sleepless nights with nasal obstruction, countless sneezes one after another, eyes turning into bloodshots …

Unfortunately, modern medicine does not have a treatment for allergy. Symptoms can be suppressed with antihistaminic drugs, yet these drugs cause serious dizziness. But wait ! Complementary medicine offers us a solution: Acupuncture!

What exactly is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a Chinese treatment method which is used to treat chronic pain and soreness, migraine pain, weight loss and smoking cessation. According to Chinese medicine, there is a life energy called “qi” (pronounced “chi”) in our body. Chi energy is blocked at certain points due to psychological and traumatic reasons; which appears in the body as painful symptoms and various diseases. Acupuncture aims to revitalize the flow and to completely treat allergy by sticking in fine needles into the acupuncture points at various parts of your body according to the symptoms you have.


According to a comprehensive study conducted at the University of Medical Centre in Berlin, patients with acupuncture treatment experienced a serious improvement in their allergies. Although some patients seem to be recovering from the placebo effect, acupuncture has proved successful in treating allergies.

In our country, acupuncture treatment has been approved by the Ministry of Health under the name of traditional and complementary medical practices. In addition, most of the acupuncture certificates obtained by doctors are approved by the ministry.

One thing to note is that the continuity of acupuncture treatment, especially in the first 6-7 weeks is very important. It is vital to have acupuncture session regularly in the first 1-2 months, otherwise the desired result cannot be obtained. For this reason, continuity is a must. If you have a spring allergy, if your life becomes difficult every spring and you have enough of antihistaminic drugs, definitely give a shot to acupuncture!


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