Would you like to sip your cocktail with a “pasta straw”?

Plastic pollution has long been on the agenda of environmentally conscious individuals, societies and politicians. It is being discussed more often due to its serious damages on natural environment, animals and our health. Thus, ideas for creative and innovative solutions to replace plastic increase day by day.

A restaurant in Bristol, England sets a good example of how creative solutions can eliminate the use of plastic. The owner of the restaurant decides to cut the plastic use and wants to replace plastic straws with straws made of other materials. He tries paper and metal straws, yet gives up on them due to their impracticability and high cost. In the end, he discovers that he could use straws made of pasta! Yes you read it right, pasta straws!


So far, customers have been very pleased to drink beverages with pasta straws, and they have said that there is no change in the taste of drinks. Most of them even think that it is fun!

More than 8 billion plastic straws are used every year in the UK. About 80% of them end up in landfills, while only 20% of them are recycled. Creative and entertaining solutions like this can help our world go more plastic free.