Our consumption habits have started to change. A new green trend spreading in Europe proves this right. The concept of “Zero-Waste Shop” is getting more popular day by day in countries such as Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, London, Ireland and Switzerland, rapidly spreading to all over Europe as well as the United States.

But, what is a Zero-waste shop?

As the name implies, zero-waste shop is a version of a usual shop or market that causes zero waste. So much so that all products sold in these shops are package free. The products served in a bottle or container are returnable which encourages reuse of the materials. Most of the products in these shops are supplied from local producers and produced in sustainable ways. The carbon foot print of the zero-waste shops is very low due to their preference to buy local which prevents transporting food supplies from long distances.

In zero-waste shops, consumers can bring their own containers and bottles to fill them up with any product they wish to buy. For those who don’t want to carry anything with them, there are containers, cloth shopping bags and jars available in the shops.

Today, plastic pollution as one of the biggest environmental problems of our world threatens the ecological equilibrium in a serious way. Packaging of the fast moving consumer goods constitutes a big portion of the plastic waste. The concept of zero-waste shop offers an alternative to the “buy-use-throw away” cycle and creates a consumption approach based on using package free products.

Now let’s have a look at some of the zero-waste shops in Europe:

#1 Day By Day (France)

Day by day is already a chain in France. It’s possible to find this shop almost all over the country. This shop stands out among others with its reasonable prices. For instance, pasta, baking powder and vinegar are cheaper than any supermarket in France.


#2 Negozio Leggero (Italy)

This zero-waste shop has probably the widest range of products in Europe. Here you can buy packaged from free diaper to cosmetics, from books to sugar coated pills. What’s more they have a home delivery service by bike. Like Day By Day in France, Negozio Leggero is also a chain in Italy. Although it is based in Torino, you can find this shop in Rome, Milan and few other cities.


#3 Roobust (Belgium)

Roobust is the first zero-waste market in Belgium. Besides food products, there are cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning products produced from 100% recyclable and harmless materials. This market aims to be a reference point for sustainable living in Belgium.


#4 Unpackaged (England)

Unpackaged is not only a zero-waste market, but it also serves as a waste-management consultancy for public and private sector. Besides, they have a blog on their website where you can find some content about sustainable living and waste management. Both green and versatile market!


Zero-waste markets are becoming more and more widespread in Europe, but they have also started to become more in number in United States and Canada. We hope that the zero-waste shop concept can spread to all over the world and help reduce the plastic pollution.



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